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US Aviation Jet Center


Tel: (321) 567-6000

Toll Free: 888-558-6888

Gateway to Port Canaveral

Cruises, Kennedy Space Center,

and The Wonders of Central Florida.





updated Jul 22, 2019

Shuttle Atlantis


Our professionals are devoted to making your stay on Florida's Space Coast a pleasurable experience. We are located on the east side of the field, providing you with the easiest airside access. Our location also allows for the quickest routes to Kennedy Space Center and Port Canaveral Cruises. US Aviation Jet Center is the only full service FBO on the field streamlined to handling only business travelers, vacationers and those just passing through.

We offer a variety of services with convenience and comfort in mind.

»  Tie downs

»   Crew car 
»   WiFi / High speed internet 
»   Proctored FAA Airman Testing through CATS 
»   Complimentary refreshments 

»   Satellite TV with premium channels 

»   Full catering service 
»   Rental vehicles 
»   Hotel reservations 





US Aviation Jet Center is committed to providing superior aviation services that we hope will exceed your expectations. The next time you find yourself flying to the area, we would be privileged to be your colleague during your stay on Florida's Space Coast.


355 Golden Knights Blvd.

Titusville, FL 32780


Tel: (321) 567-6000

Fax: (321) 567-6001

Toll Free: 888-558-6888



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